• Only principals may recommend expulsion of a student.
  • The principal may recommend to the Superintendent expulsion or change of placement of any student who has committed a serious breach of conduct including, but not limited to, willful disobedience, open defiance of authority to a staff member, violence against persons or property, or any other act or series of acts over time, including a pattern of continuous disruptive behavior, which substantially disrupts the orderly conduct of the school.  (F.S. 1006.09)
    • See definition of continuous disruptive behavior under Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP)
  • Students shall not be recommended for expulsion due to skipping, tardiness, absence, leaving campus without permission or truancy.
  • No student shall be expelled from school unless acted upon by the School Board.  Likewise, only the School Board can cancel an expulsion.  In no case shall an expulsion be for more than the duration of the current school year and one additional school year (F.S. 1003.01).
  • If the principal recommends expulsion, the principal will immediately suspend the student for ten (10) days and notify the Superintendent or designee, and the parents by telephone or in person.  This will be followed by completion of the MIS 413 and the Expulsion/Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP) packet. 
  • Any recommendation for expulsion shall:
    • Include the completed packet from the principal detailing the violation(s) and the alternative measures taken prior to a recommendation of expulsion, including positive behavior interventions and support strategies when appropriate. The parent should be given a copy of the district’s Rights and Responsibilities During District Level Discipline Appeals.
    • A copy of the Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan should be attached when appropriate.
    • Include information about previous violations of the Student Code of Conduct and the actions taken to address those violations
    • Inform the parent of their right to appeal the recommendation for expulsion at the District level.
    • Be signed by the principal
    • Be sent to the parent
  • The Superintendent or designee will then study the data presented and determine whether or not to forward the recommended expulsion to the School Board.  If he or she agrees with the principal’s recommendation, the recommendation for expulsion will be forwarded to the School Board for action unless the recommendation is appealed by the parent/guardian. 
  • See Students with Disabilities and Discipline section for MDM information
  • Please note that any ESE student (excluding Gifted only) or a student being considered for ESE or Child Find should not be recommended for expulsion and should be scheduled for a Manifestation Determination Meeting (MDM). Any such student that is brought to an expulsion hearing will be returned to their school for the proper MDM proceedings.

District Level Discipline Appeal for Expulsion Recommendations

  • The Superintendent or designee may ban a student from campus during formal appeal of an expulsion recommendation if he/she believes the student’s presence on campus would be a continuing danger or disruption.  In such cases, the appeal shall be expedited.
  • Participation in the appeal process will not automatically reinstate participation in extracurricular activities.
  • If a parent/guardian does not agree with the decision reached at a district level discipline appeal hearing regarding the recommended expulsion, the parent/guardian may formally appeal the recommendation for expulsion at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the School Board, by requesting an open or closed hearing before the Board.  This must be done in writing within three (3) days after receiving the Superintendent or designee’s decision at the conclusion of the hearing.  Otherwise, the decision made by the Hearing Officer will remain in effect for the time specified at the conclusion of the hearing.  The decision of the Board is final.

At the District Level Discipline Appeal Hearing for Expulsion Recommendations

  • The participants at the hearing will be limited to those with a relevant interest in the matter at hand, as determined by the Superintendent or designee. (We cannot limit attendance in cases of ESE or 504 students per state statute.)
  • Only the evidence presented at the hearing will be used to make a decision. No information may be provided to the Superintendent or designee outside of the hearing.
  • The person hearing the case cannot be a witness to or otherwise involved in the incident that resulted in the proposed discipline or testify in the hearing.
  • The Superintendent or designee will provide a written decision. This written decision will be provided at the end of the hearing or sent to the student or parent/guardian within approximately one calendar week, and shall include notice of the right of due process appeal to the school board in cases of an expulsion recommendation.

If the parent/guardian does not appeal the Superintendent or designee’s recommendation to the School Board, said decision is final and not subject to further appeal, negotiation, or amendment by any party. Said placement decision will be considered the final Board action.

If the parent appeals the school’s recommendation for expulsion directly to the Board, the decision of the School Board will be considered to be final.

Students who have been expelled shall be excluded from all District or school sponsored activities taking place at any District School Board of Pasco County school or campus, at any school function or on any school sponsored transportation, including but not limited to extracurricular, co-curricular, student organizations, graduation ceremonies, dances, and other events.

Further, expelled students may not be on the campus of the zoned school or any Pasco County school at any time for any reason, unless accompanied by a parent for a scheduled meeting with school staff.

A minor who has been suspended or expelled from school may not be or remain in a public place (including school bus stops), in any establishment, or within 1,000 feet of a school during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during any school day.
(Pasco County Ordinance sec. 66-153)


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