The use of illegal substances and drugs, including alcohol, is harmful to students and detrimental to the educational process.  Use, distribution, and/or possession of these substances will not be tolerated on any District School Board of Pasco County school or campus, at any school function, school sponsored event or on any school sponsored transportation. Students found in possession of controlled, illegal substances (including alcohol), pills, or any other drug or drug look-alikes will be dealt with severely.

Consequences may include, but are not limited to, counseling services, suspension, and/or law enforcement intervention.  Students selling and/or distributing illegal substances to others will face probable expulsion from school. The School Board may, however, waive the expulsion if the student:

  • Provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the supplier of the controlled substance.
  • Discloses voluntarily his unlawful possession of the controlled substance prior to arrest.
  • Enrolls in and successfully completes a state licensed drug abuse program.

(F.S. 1006.09)

The first alcohol/drug possession or alcohol/drug use discipline will result in referral to TOOLS program and 5 days OSS. If the student does not successfully complete the TOOLS program, they will serve an additional 5 days of OSS (for 10 days total).

Students concerned about their own substance use and/or that of friends and family should contact their school counselors or other staff member for information and referral for help.


Reteaching question(s):

  1. Name potential consequences for drug use/posession and drug distribution.