Driver License Law (Secondary Only)
The Florida Legislature has enacted F.S. 322.091(1), which provides that minors (ages 14 - 18) satisfy school attendance requirements in order to apply for or maintain their driving privileges.  In accordance with F.S. 1003.27, the principal or designee will notify the district office of those students who accumulate fifteen (15) unexcused absences or absences for which the reasons are unknown, in a period of ninety (90) calendar days.  The school superintendent or designee is then required to submit to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) the names of the students along with their date of birth, sex, and Social Security Number.  For the purposes of maintaining the right to drive, days of suspension from school will not be forwarded to the DHSMV as unexcused.

If a student’s name is sent to the DHSMV for lack of attendance, then the student is in danger of having the current privilege to drive suspended, or for students who are under age sixteen (16), having their application for licensure denied.  Hardship waiver hearings will be available in cases where the driver has been notified by DHSMV that the license will be suspended.  Following a license suspension by DHSMV, the driving privilege may be reinstated if the student submits written verification to DHSMV that the student has completed thirty (30) days of attendance in school without an unexcused absence.

Student Parking Policy (Secondary Only)
Parking in a school lot is a privilege. All vehicles must be registered to park in a school parking lot.  Proof of insurance must be presented at the time of registration and the registration is non-transferable. Vehicles that are not registered, that are inappropriately or illegally parked, or parked so as to cause a safety hazard, may be warned, booted, or towed at the owner’s expense.

Students who drive inappropriately or dangerously, or are found to be truant or have excessive absences (see attendance policy) are subject to having their parking privileges suspended or revoked.

There will be no refunds for loss of hang tags/parking privileges.  If a student regains his or her driving/parking privilege, it is subject to space availability.

A vehicle, upon reasonable suspicion, may be searched for weapons, drugs, other illegal items, or items prohibited by school board policy, e.g., alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband.  If any of these are found in the car, appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action will be taken and the parking permit will be revoked.

In addition, each school may specify additional conditions for parking on school grounds at the time of vehicle registration.

When parking or otherwise utilizing a car on school grounds, the student shall be responsible for the control of the vehicle, and the contents contained therein. It is the duty of the student to ensure that no illegal items, weapons or other items prohibited by the School Board Policy, are placed, stored or otherwise contained in such vehicle. Students shall be subject to discipline and legal action when illegal items, weapons or other items prohibited by School Board Policy are contained in the vehicle being utilized or parked on school grounds by the student.