At the District Level Discipline Appeal Hearing for Expulsion Recommendations, DAPs, OSS and Bus Suspension

  • The participants at the hearing will be limited to those with a relevant interest in the matter at hand, as determined by the Superintendent or designee. (The Superintendent or designee may not limit attendance in cases involving ESE or 504 plan students per state statute.)
  • Only the evidence presented at the hearing will be used to make a decision. No information may be provided to the Superintendent or designee outside of the hearing.
  • The person hearing the case cannot be a witness to or otherwise involved in the incident that resulted in the proposed discipline or testify in the hearing.
  • The Superintendent or designee will provide a written decision. This written decision will be provided at the end of the hearing or sent to the student or parent/guardian within approximately one (1) calendar week, and shall include notice of the right of due process appeal to the school board in cases of an expulsion recommendation.

District Level Discipline Appeals for Six (6) or More Days of Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) or Bus Suspension
In cases of OSS or bus suspension for six (6) or more days, the principal’s decision may be further appealed to the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee may uphold, reverse, or modify the suspension. The following process is used:

  • Prior to any district level appeal of OSS or bus suspension, the matter must FIRST be heard at the school level (except when the OSS or bus suspension is accompanied by a recommendation for expulsion, Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP) or bus expulsion).
  • If the principal upholds the recommended suspension at the school level, the parent/guardian or student may request an appeal hearing from the Superintendent or designee.
  • This request must occur within three (3) school days after the school level appeal. The request for an appeal hearing may be initiated in writing or verbally. However, verbal requests must be followed up in writing.
  • The Superintendent level appeal will be scheduled at the District School Board of Pasco County office in Land O’Lakes.
  • If the request for an appeal is not received within three (3) school days, the school will then proceed with the recommended proposed OSS or bus suspension, and student or parent/guardian will not have any further opportunity to appeal the matter.
  • The student will return to school or resume bus transportation pending the district level OSS or bus suspension appeal.
  • The Superintendent or designee may only ban a student from campus or the bus during the formal appeal if the student’s presence poses an imminent threat of danger or risk of a major campus disruption as defined elsewhere in this document. In such cases, the appeal shall be expedited.
  • Suspension of extracurricular activities will remain in effect during the appeal process.
  • The decision of the Superintendent’s designee is final on an OSS or bus suspension appeal.

The recording of a non-public meeting involving students (including an EP or IEP Team meeting) is prohibited unless a parent, authorized representative of a parent, or team member, is unable to understand or meaningfully participate in the process or the planning of the relevant student’s education due to a disability, language barrier, or some other impairment. (DSBPC 2461)

* See also sections on OSS, Expulsion, Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP) and School Bus Rules