The Discipline Matrix was created and incorporated into the Student Code of Conduct to increase consistency and equity in District disciplinary practices. The matrix was developed after gathering input from all stakeholders in a variety of settings. The matrix was then reviewed and approved by the Superintendent and his staff as well as the School Board. It is the expectation that each school abide by the Discipline Matrix when assigning disciplinary consequences.

The Discipline Matrix utilizes a progressive disipline approach. Progressive discipline is a whole-school approach that utilizes a continuum of interventions, supports and consequences to address inappropriate student behavior and build upon strategies that promote positive behaviors. When inappropriate behavior occurs, disciplinary measures should be applied within a framework that shifts the focus from one that is solely punitive to a focus that also includes corrective and supportive measures.

Progressive discipline is designed to created the expectation that the degree of discipline will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior leading to discipline. The previous discplinary history of the student and all other relevant factors will be taken into account when determining disciplinary consequences.

2016-17 Discipline Matrix


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