The District School Board of Pasco County reserves the right to utilize change of placement as a disciplinary measure for any matter the Superintendent deems appropriate thereby preserving the learning environment, or otherwise promoting the health, safety and welfare of those in the learning environment.

A student may be recommended for Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP) for one of the following reasons:

  • If they were similarly placed in an alternative setting in another district (see Reciprocal Discipline policy)
  • If they were formally charged by a proper prosecuting attorney with an off-campus felony that has a demonstrably adverse impact on the school campus  (see Off-campus Felony policy)
    • Adverse impact must be proven in a formal DAP hearing
  • In lieu of expulsion
  • If the student has received four (4) separate out-of-school suspensions
    • OSS must be consistent with discipline matrix
  • For continuous disruptive behavior - defined as twelve (12) or more referrals
  • For certain SESIR events:
    • Alcohol distribution (ALC) Larceny/theft (STL)
    • Breaking and entering/burglary (BRK) Sexual assault (SXA)
    • Bullying (BUL) Sexual harassment (SXH)
    • Major disruption on campus (DOC) Sexual offenses other (SXO)
    • Fighting (FIT) Threats/intimidation (TRE)
    • Harassment (HAR) Trespassing (TRS)
    • Hazing (HAZ) Vandalism (VAN)
    • Other major crimes (OMC) Drug possession (DRU) 2nd referral same year ONLY
    • Physical attack (PHA) Alcohol possession (ALC) 2nd referral same year ONLY
  • Certain qualifying events will also require evidence of a lack of response to intervention (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/MTSS) for a reasonable amount of time before the recommendation can be forwarded for consideration
  • Students may return to school pending the outcome of the DAP recommendation once their out-of-school suspension has been completed. A student may only be suspended out-of-school for ten (10) days at a time per state statute. (F.S. 1103.01)

School administration recommendations for alternative placement must meet all guidelines set forth in district policy and procedure. Students will not be alternatively placed due to disciplinary issues without due process as mentioned in this and other sections of this document.

An administrative hearing will be held to review all DAP recommendations. Placement decisions will be based on the severity of the incident, evidence provided by the school and student/family and other mitigating factors. The hearing officer may review the file and issue a decision if the parent/guardian waives their right to appeal, refuses to participate in a hearing or fails to appear for a scheduled meeting. As mentioned below, said decision is final.

The decision of the Superintendent’s designee will be considered final and not subject to further appeal, negotiation, or amendment, by any party.

Please note that any ESE student (excluding Gifted only) or a student being considered for ESE or Child Find should not be recommended for expulsion and should be scheduled for a Manifestation Determination Meeting (MDM). Any such student that is brought to an expulsion hearing will be returned to their school for the proper MDM proceedings. See Students with Disabilities and Discipline section for MDM information. Any student with a 504 must have the proper MDM proceeding prior to being recommended for Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP).

* See SCOC pages 27-29 for additional appeal information