A student shall not possess, handle or transport dangerous objects or devices.

  • Students are not to be in possession of any type of dangerous objects or devices on District School Board of Pasco County school, campus, at any school functions, or on any school sponsored transportation.  These may include, but are not limited to, razor blades, box cutters, common pocketknives, air soft guns, mace/pepper spray, chemicals, live ammunition/bullets, imitation/look-alike weapons or similar items.
  • Possession of a dangerous object or device will result in disciplinary action, which may include out-of-school suspension.  Use of a dangerous object or device in a careless or threatening manner may result in more severe consequences as detailed in the district’s Discipline Matrix and elsewhere in district policy and procedure.
  • Ammunition is defined as a fixed metallic or nonmetallic hull or casing containing a primer, gunpowder and one or more projectiles, bullets or shot. Any ammunition that is part of jewelry or other decorative item that meets the above definition will also be considered a “dangerous object.” (F.S. 790.001)