The district will offer an ATS grant to secondary schools each year that funding is available. The goal of the program is to teach Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students necessary social-emotional skills while maintaining academic contact time in school. ESE students should be given top placement priority, as this program is funded by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Basic education students may participate as long as they do not supplant an ESE student.

ATS programs are not considered academic courses and do not count as academic instructional time. Any staff member implementing an ATS program should be thoroughly trained in the program they are implementing and should utilize a positive approach focused on education, restorative practices and prevention.

Transportation will not be provided for programs offered outside of the regular school day. Parent/guardian must be informed of the program requirements, as well as the consequences that will occur if the student/family elects not to participate in the ATS program.

A student should participate in ATS instead of being assigned OSS. A student who is participating in ATS should NOT be excluded from his or her campus or academic instruction for any portion of the school day.