Academic Integrity

Alternative to Suspension (ATS)


Bullying, Harassment, Hazing and Teen Dating Violence/Abuse

Crime and Victimization

Dangerous Objects or Devices

Declaration of Intent to Terminate School Enrollment

Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP)

Discipline Matrix

Discipline of Students with Disabilities

Discipline Timeline

District Level Appeals

Drugs and Other Illegal Substances

Expulsion and Bus Expulsion Guidelines

Fresh Start Clause


In-School-Suspension (ISS) Guidelines

Judicial "No Contact" Orders

Major Disruption on Campus

Off-Campus Felony

Office Discipline Referrals

Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) Guidelines

Parent and Legal Notices

Parent/Guardian, Student and School Rights During School and District Level Discipline Appeals

Reciprocal Discipline

Respect and Civility Clause

Responsible Electronic Use Rules for Students

Rules of Dress and Appearance

School Bus Rules

School Level Appeals

School Safety and Mental Health Resources

Search and Seizure

Student Activities, Organizations, Athletics and Government

Student Driver's License Law and Student Parking

Student Felony Reports

Student Placement Review Procedures

Student Rights and Responsibilities, Rules and Interventions/Consequences

Supervision of Students Before and After School and School Acitivities

Tardy Hall/Detention

Tools Program

Use of Reasonable Force

Violence Against School Personnel

Vision, Introduction and Progressive Discipline

Wireless Communicaton Devices (WCDs) and Digital Citizenship

Zero Tolerance Policy