What is the timeline for the renovation project?
Preparations are underway for construction to begin June 2017 and end Summer 2019

How much noise will be generated during the school’s operating hours?
Disruptions should be minimal because workers will be sensitive to nearby classes in session, or it will be completed after students are gone for the day.

Will the marching band have a place to practice?
The current practice area will be available throughout the project.

Are students going to be able to walk around the school easily?
Construction areas will be completely blocked off. If needed, alternative traffic pathways will be established.

Will the clinic remain open?
Yes; however the clinic is moving to a new student services area after next year.

When will the work take place?
Students and staff may experience some inconvenience with construction, but the day-to-day school operations should be “business as usual.”

Will any classes be limited because of the renovation?
We anticipate some inconveniences, but have worked hard to minimalize the impact on the academic integrity of the school.

What about lockers?
A limited amount of lockers will be available next year. It increases after the completion of the second phase.

Are the athletic facilities a part of the renovation project?
The student locker rooms for PE classes will be a part of this project. 2 additional classrooms will become a part of the gym.
The stadium and fields are not included.

Will the cafeteria change?
The cafeteria was recently renovated. Increased seating both inside and outside of the service areas, new restrooms, and vending areas are a part of the project.

What Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services will change?
Programs and accommodations remain the same. Classrooms and service areas will be completely renovated.

Will sports be displaced or interrupted at any time?
We are not utilizing any of the practice or competition fields.

How will this project affect the school culture?
Each phase of the project shuts down only a portion of the school. Activities will be able to continue throughout the school.

Can students still keep their animals at the barn?
Yes, students will be able to use the space to care for their animals. In addition, the agriculture classroom is being renovated.

Will the school be able to have a homecoming?
Yes, there will be a full slate of school activities planned, including the tradition of a school dance in the gym.

How much disruption with there be to technology access?
We are increasing technology capacity of the school in each phase of the project.

Will the school limit student parking?
No, we will continue to use our current system to approve students to park on campus. The plan includes additional parking.

Will the school operating hours remain the same?
Yes; however, the School Board approves these hours each spring. No changes are being recommended because of the project.

How many portable classrooms are needed?
Not many because we are creating additional space in the building starting with the 1st phase. 6-8 red portables will be removed. 12-14 modular portables will be added to the south side (with current modules) and near the outside basketball courts.

Will the renovation cause changes to bus transportation or student drop-off/pick-up?
Students will continue to receive transportation on school buses. The student drop-off/pick-up area will remain open. Expect some delays during certain phases of the project.

What safety measures will be put into place to protect students in portable classrooms?
We currently employ plans for security and weather. Staff are frequently trained and we hold drills to practice these measures.

What classes will be displaced in the portables? Will it be by grade level?
We will spread different grade levels and course offerings in the portables. Upon completion, they will be brought into the main building. Some portables may remain.

Will the District limit school choice during the renovation?
The school will continue to be frozen to choice except for IB and magnet programs going into the next school year.

How will the project affect programs like culinary, agriculture, and early childhood?
Programs within the existing main building will receive updated spaces. Other rooms will be utilized during the updates that are projected to last 6 months.

After tonight, how will I get updated information on the renovation?
Stay informed by following updates through the District and school websites. Connect to the school’s social media outlets.