The members of Pasco Schools' Professional Development Department are always happy to hear from you. We will always do our best to provide assistance in a professional and courteous manner. Before calling a specific person in the department, please check below to make sure they will be able to handle your unique request.

 Chris Christoff - Director

eMail: christof@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2642

Area of Responsibility: LSI Integration, CCSS Module Development, Professional Development State Plan, Title II Grant, Leadership Week, Lesson Study (PLC Facilitator,) PNPP (Gulf Coast Partnership) Level 1 and 2, RTTT Lead, Audit Coordinator, Vision Committee Co-Chairperson, Leadership Institute, Admin Intern Program, Preparing New Principals Program, Principal Mentor Coordinator

 Scott Larson - Supervisor

eMail: slarson@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2164

Area of Responsibility: Master Inservice Plan, Teacher Induction, Regional Support Coordination, Classroom Management, Coaching Series, Staff Development Protocol, Clinical Educator, Non-Instructional Training and Development, Avatar Support Coordinator, True North Logic Implementation, HQMIP Implementation

 Joel DiVincent - Supervisor

eMail: jdivince@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-42710

Area of Responsibility: Professional Development Guide, LEAD Aspiring Leaders Program, National Educator Program/K-12 AP Approved Candidate List, New Leader Induction - First year AP's, Principal Preparation Academy, Differentiated Instruction training, Grouping for Effective Collaboration training, Leadership coaching and action planning

 Phil Kupczyk - Supervisor

eMail: pkupczyk@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2263

Area of Responsibility: Grant Research, Avatar Support, Munis System Development, Canvas Support, Professional Development Trainer, Teacher Evaluation Coordinator, LSI Credentialing, iObservation, Evaluation State Plans, True North Logic Implementation

 Jennifer Rinck - Senior Professional Development Specialist

eMail: jrinck@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2113

Area of Responsibility: Regional PD Support, Marzano Framework Support, Clinical Education, New Teacher Induction, PLC Support

 Leslie Frick - Professional Development Specialist

eMail: lfrick@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-42256

Area of Responsibility: Avatar, Region Specific PD Support, Marzano Framework Support

 Jennifer Moore - Professional Development Specialist

eMail: jamoore@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2642

Area of Responsibility: Avatar, Region Specific PD Support, Marzano Framework Support

 Donna Manfredi - Professional Development Specialist

eMail: dmanfred@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2642

Area of Responsibility: Avatar, Region Specific PD Support, Marzano Framework Support

 Jan Anderton- Professional Development Specialist

eMail: janderto@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2642

Area of Responsibility: Avatar, Region Specific PD Support, Marzano Framework Support

 Joe Groppe - ILS System Trainer/Coach

eMail: jgroppe@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2942

Area of Responsibility: Online/Blended Learning, OPDSS Webmaster, Video Production, YouTube Channel

 Lisa Clingenpeel - Secretary

eMail: lclingen@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2642

Area of Responsibility: Department budget, Leadership Development Support, Warehouse Orders, Office Depot Orders, Telecommunication Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Copier Reading, Inventory, Mileage Forms

 Rhonda Henley - Secretary

eMail: rhenley@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2260

Area of Responsibility: Avatar Support, Leave Forms, District Master PD Calendar, Inservice Transfer (incoming, outgoing,), Payroll

 Romary Perez - Secretary

eMail: rperez@pasco.k12.fl.usPhone: 4-2256

Area of Responsibility: Evaluation Support, Training Setup, ID Badges, Benefits Coordinator, Accident Reports, Sign-in Sheets