Assistant Principal Screening Process

Applicants must be approved as candidates in order to be considered for assistant principal vacancies.  The pathways to becoming an approved candidate are listed below.  Previous school-based administrators at Pasco County Schools may be required to complete some or all of the applicable pathway requirements before being listed as an approved candidate.

Internal Candidate:

Phase 1:

  • Certificate in Educational Leadership
  • Updated resume to reflect current position and experience
  • Reference from current principal or supervisor
  • Click “apply here” on the open job ad (during advertised windows) and upload required documentation to current HR application

Phase 2:

  • Upon invitation, participate in face-to-face simulations
  • Upon completion of phase 2, Assistant Principal candidacy will be determined and applicant will be notified


Administrative Intern Candidate:

Successful completion of the Gulf Coast Partnership Level I administrative internship program will suffice as evidence of Assistant Principal eligibility. Participants must apply and be selected to this program (limited spaces available) during the application period each year. 

*There are currently no open internships at this time.

External Candidate:

An external candidate who demonstrates basic competencies via documented qualifications and experience may be invited to participate in face-to-face simulations prior to determining candidacy for an assistant principal position with Pasco County Schools.

Required qualifications and experience include:

  1. Two or more years of experience as a principal or assistant principal; OR currently included on an approved candidate list in another school district (if the requirements are similar to the qualifications of persons listed on Pasco’s approved candidate list; OR have a sufficient combination of comparable training, education, and/or work experience, as determined by the Office for Human Resources and Educator Quality*
  2. Certified in Educational Leadership or School Principal (or eligible)
  3. A rating of effective or higher on the two most recent annual performance evaluations   

For additional information, email

Superintendent Discretion:

Notwithstanding the external and internal pathways listed above, the Superintendent maintains discretion to add or remove persons at any time from the approved candidate list. 

*HREQ shall determine whether an external candidate’s education, training and/or experience satisfy the requirements to become an approved candidate.  Interviews with district leadership may be required and documentation, including but not limited to, work history, references, and any disciplinary records may be considered prior to an external candidate being eligible to apply for vacancies in Pasco County Schools.