Together We Learn 2017

Summer Learning Symposium Information

When:   July 24th – July 27th 2017

Where:  Wesley Chapel High School (click here for map of campus)

What:    Complete List of Training Sessions (click here for dates / times and full list of trainings)

How:     Registration:  please review the Directions for Using the Calendar to Register for Courses document or view a tutorial video by clicking the links provided.

Who:     (Click here for a complete list of guest speakers for each day. ) (Click here for full list of trainings)

If you are interested in earning in-service points for sessions you attend, pay close attention to the number and type of points awarded for each session when you are registering.  In-service and ESE points are the only points that can be used for teacher recertification.  In order to receive in-service points an Implementation Reflection must be completed after the training.


Together We Learn:Click Here for Full List and Description of Guest Speakers

Our Mission

The mission of the Office for Professional Development and School Supports is to maximize student achievement and 21st century professional learning by providing differentiated professional development and coaching, focused on enhancing teaching practices and the implementation of highly effective professional learning communities.


Our Goals

  • Enhance teaching practices (expertise) from year-to-year through various professional growth opportunities, to maximize student achievement.
  • Provide strategic, data driven professional development based on school and individual improvement plans.
  • Engage schools in the implementation of authentic professional learning communities focused on the current data-driven work of the school.
  • Assist schools in the creation of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) that proactively responds to the needs of all students, families, and staff.
  • Ensure all school-based professional development activities are research-based and follow the Florida Staff Development Protocols.
  • Provide training, coaching, and resources in the transition to the Common Core State Standards to ensure College, Career, and Life Readiness for all students.
  • Assist feeder patterns in aligning key district initiatives, school improvement planning, professional development, professional learning community work, and monitoring of effective teaching and student learning.


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