Penny For Pasco

Penny for Pasco History

On March 9th, 2004, the voters of Pasco County approved a penny sales tax, 45% of which went directly to our school system.  The remaining portion went to the county and local cities.  The school system has received over $139 million in Penny for Pasco proceeds which have been used on the construction of new schools and the renovation of older schools.  These funds were vital in helping the District ease massive overcrowding in our schools. Please see the video below to explore the various improvements paid for by the penny tax:


Promises Made, Promises Kept

Prior to the 2004 vote, the Penny for Pasco Citizens Committee, created a list of projects that would be built with Penny proceeds.  A group of impartial citizens were commissioned after the voters approved the penny to serve as the Penny for Pasco Oversight Committee.  These concerned citizens kept a watchful eye on the use of every dollar collected from the penny and ensured that the commitments made to the voters were kept.  Over the past ten years, the major projects that the Penny has paid for include the construction of Double Branch Elementary, Oakstead Elementary and CrewsLake Middle schools.  These new schools eased immense overcrowding in nearby schools and helped to ensure that all students are able to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  In addition, several older schools in need of major repair (Stewart Middle, Pasco Middle and Pasco High) have been completely renovated using Penny proceeds.  Numerous other schools around the county also had significant construction projects funded by the Penny for Pasco.  To see how a comprehensive list of how your pennies have been used to help children in Pasco County, please click here.  These projects would not have been possible without the Penny for Pasco. 

Another Opportunity to Help Children

The current penny sales tax will expire in 2014, unless renewed by the voters of Pasco County.  Voters will have the opportunity to renew the Penny for Pasco sales tax until 2024 by voting yes on the November 6th, 2012 ballot.  If approved, the new Penny for Pasco sales tax will generate $226 million that will be used to provide much needed repair and renovations to aging schools.  It will also be used improve energy efficiency in schools and to retrofit and equip older schools built before 1975 with the technology students need to succeed in the 21st century.  For a list of the projects that will be funded by the new Penny, please click here.  As you can see, the projects are spread throughout the entire county, as the need is great in every part of our community. 

The current penny sales tax will expire in 2014, unless renewed by the voters of Pasco County.  Voters will have the opportunity to renew the Penny for Pasco sales tax until 2024 by voting yes on the November 6th, 2012 ballot.

With recent cuts and increasing need, the school system currently has over $1.12 billion of identified need for construction and repair over the next twelve years.  Projections of current federal, state and local projected funding are woefully insufficient to meet this overwhelming need.  The renewal of the penny will result in the School District receiving approximately $226 million to be used on much needed school renovations around the county.  By law, none of the money from this sales tax can be used for salaries or administration, only construction and technology related projects and improvements.  The penny collected through this sales tax has a positive impact on the lives of children and will provide greater opportunities for learning.


Assist the Effort!

To volunteer to assist with the Penny for Pasco initiative, please register today!

Remember to Vote!

Please speak to your friends and neighbors about this important issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our District's Communications Department at 727-774-2717. We would greatly appreciate you going out to vote on November 6th, 2012. Thank you.


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