Pasco County Schools is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of college, career and life readiness for all students.  We work to provide an educational experience that will empower students to explore viable post-secondary options.

Graduation Requirements by Class

The 2014 legislative session impacted graduation requirements for nearly all 9th grade cohorts. The District School Board of Pasco County has approved a revised 2016-2017 Student Progression Plan.  Graduation requirements by class can be viewed in the HIgh School Graduation Information section of this document. 

The 2017-2018 Student Progression Plan is currently under revision. The document reflects current revisions and suggestions made by the committee. All changes listed in the document are subject to change and pending school board approval.

The following charts reflect the current graduation requirements for all 9th grade cohorts not impacted by the recent update. Please contact your school counselor for details on what your child will need in order to earn their high school diploma.

2012-2013 9th Grade Cohort

2013-2014 9th Grade Cohort

2014-2015 9th Grade Cohort

2015-2016 9th Grade Cohort


Senate Bill 1076:

Senate Bill 1076, Relating to K-20 Education, was written into law with an effective date of July 1, 2013. Its provisions address numerous areas, including Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) options, middle grades progression, high school graduation requirements, student assessment and student progression plans. Senate Bill 1076 may be viewed online here.