Pasco County Schools and Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) are happy to announce the expansion of our Collegiate High School (CHS) program to all PHSC campuses.   Qualified 2016-2017 Junior and Senior students are invited to apply through their school counseling office. Applications must be submitted to your school counselor for review prior to February 15, 2017.  There are 60 available seats for the CHS program and those seats will be filled through a lottery process.

To qualify students must:
• Meet traditional Dual Enrollment participation requirements  (3.0 GPA, College Ready PERT assessment scores in all areas)
• Be a Junior or Senior level student
• Provide their own transportation
• Be willing to take all of their courses at a PHSC Campus

Current sophomore students must also be on track to earn credit in the following course work by the end of the 2016-2017 school year:
2 credits in English
1 credit in Algebra 1
1 credit in Geometry
1 credit in Biology 1
1 credit of an equally rigorous Science
1 credit in World History
1 credit in PE
1 credit in Fine Arts
2 credits in Foreign Language (desired)
1 credit in a subject area or elective (3 credits total if there is no Foreign Language)

Current juniors qualify if they meet the requirements above and enter their senior year on track to graduate by June 2017. CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR FOR DETAILS ON ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.

Students who do not participate in the Collegiate High School program for both their Junior and Senior years will not likely earn the required credits to earn an AA or AS degree.
Students are accepted once a year and enter the program at the start of the Fall Term only.

So why should students consider Collegiate High School?
Collegiate high schools are designed to allow students to earn an AA/AS Degree or a Cape Certification while also earning their Standard High School Diploma.  CHS students will be given priority when enrolling in PHSC courses.  Registration for CHS students opens at the same time as all other fee paying PHSC students.  This will allow CHS students to enroll into the courses they need to earn for both their high school and State College diplomas.

Students selected into the CHS program will be full-time at PHSC and will not take any courses on the high school campus.  However, CHS students are still considered a student of their zoned school and will be able to participate in their zoned school athletics, student activities and graduation ceremonies.   
If you meet the criteria indicated above, please download and complete the Application for CHS Admission and turn it into your School Counselor before February 15, 2017.

Contact Samantha Del Valle ( with your questions.