Florida Educational Interpreter Project
Financial Assistance and Stipends for Working Interpreters in Florida’s K-12 Schools

College Tuition Reimbursement

The Project provides partial reimbursements of tuition costs primariliy for interpreters taking undergraduate coursework towards an Associate or Bachelor degree. If funds are avaialable, the Project can assist applicants working on post-graduate degrees.

Priority is given to applicants who are not certified and working towards National Certification with RID or an EIPA Performance Score of 4.0. 

To apply, complete a tuition reimbursement application.

EIPA & NIC Test Stipends

To apply for the EIPA Performance stipend, please contact EIP at EIP@pasco.k12.fl.us for a code BEFORE applying for the EIPA.  We will provide you a code to enter while applying for the EIPA.  The code will cover half the EIPA fee. 

Once you get a code (if you want assistance), go to the following link: https://boystown.csod.com/default.aspx?c=eipawt.  Register on the website for the Performance test.  The Project plans to award candidates who are taking the exam for the first time and those who are retaking the test.  Agency or contracted interpreters are eligible for stipends as well (they must provide verification from their employer of full-time status in a K-12 school setting).  All registrations and payments are made through Boys Town National Research Hospital. 

To apply for the NIC Performance stipend, email EIP@pasco.k12.fl.us your confirmed test date and complete the online application.  After you have tested you will need to send a receipt for payment and your testing confirmation letter.  The Project will reimburse you 1/2 of the fee you paid for the NIC Performance/Interview Test.

Summer Institute Travel Stipends -  TBD

Information to follow.