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Important - Click here to view the Substitute Self-Service Handout.

Effective June 13, 2012, we are accepting applications for Instructional Substitute Teachers. Please note all applicants applying for the Instructional Substitute Teacher positions must meet the new July 1, 2012 requirements. Please see requirements below.

Effective July 1, 2012, Instructional Substitute Teacher applicants must work a minimum of three (3) days a month to remain active, and have an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, an Associate of Science (AS) degree, or higher, or at least 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university.  
Possible exceptions include substitute applicants for positions requiring specialized technical skills or expertise, such as:

• Community, Career, and Technical Education (CCTE)

 Public Service Education

•  Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

•  Construction Technology

•  Business Systems & Technology

•  Digital Media Production

•  Health and Forensic Sciences >

•  Foreign language speakers for a foreign language class

Please note, this new education requirement does not affect current substitutes.


Note: The District School Board of Pasco County has a new method to protect your identity on the Substitute Dialer System, SmartFind Express. Access Identification Numbers (Access Codes) will no longer be social security numbers. Employees and Substitutes listed on Smart Find Express (Substitute Automatic Dialer System) will be given new access ID numbers as of July 19, 2011.

New eight (8) digit access numbers will be created for users of the Substitute Dialing System. The new access number will consist of 2 digit birth month, 2 digit birthday, followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number. For the months Jan. -Sept.( 01,02,03….09), please drop the leading zero when entering your new access code. Any zeros contained within the new access number may remain.

This message is also available on the log in screen for SmartFind Express and can be heard on the Substitute Dialing System for telephone users at 813-345-5094.

Any questions concerning this change please call Sub Central 813-794-2947 or 813-794-2845.

Learn about the new version of SmartFind Express here:

SmartFind Express (

Employee Quick Reference Card (

Substitute Quick Reference Card (

To become a Non-Instructional Substitute in Pasco County Schools, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have:

  • Successfully completed the application process
  • A touchtone telephone
  • The ability to work on short notice
  • The ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a substitute.
  • Successfully completed the Substitute Training Program

Instructional Substitute Positions include elementary, middle, and high school positions. Non-Instructional Substitute Positions Include Custodians, Food and Nutrition, Instructional Assistants and Pre-K Instructional Assistants.

Application Process

To become an Instructional Substitute, you must apply online.

Please remember that 3 references forms must be sent to us, as well as a certified copy of your transcripts for BA or AA degrees or transcripts showing 60 credits earned after high school.

Once your application is complete, you will receive an invitation, via e-mail, to a sub training, which will include information about sub training registration and fingerprint appointments.

Following your two day training you will be approved to substitute.

If you have questions please contact Applications at 813 794-2351

Salary Information

Instructional Substitutes with:
High school diploma - $55.00 per day
Bachelor's degree or higher - $65.00 per day
Retired Pasco County Teacher - $75.00 per day

Non-Instructional Substitutes:
$7.93 per hour

Starting October 24, 2008, paper vouchers for payroll are no longer available. On-line payroll vouchers will be available for viewing at Please log on to EZStub to view details of your direct deposit for October 24, 2008 and beyond.

EZStub can be accessed through Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Directions for accessing EZStub are available here.

Please contact Payroll at ext. 42286 for information on EZStub.

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