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Phase II Countdown to Go Live Restarts!

The Human Resources, Position Control, Employee Benefits, and Payroll modules are on schedule to go live October 1, 2013! Many preparations are underway, including training for new personnel and open lab sessions for those trained previously.

Phase II Trainings

Payroll and Substitute Coordinator Training Now is the time for your primary TERMS Payroll (Time Entry) and Substitute Coordinators to receive hands-on Munis ERP system training by the Tyler and District Implementation Team. Training is scheduled to take place the week of September 3, 2013 and registration is required through AVATAR.All schools and departments are expected to send their primary payroll user and substitute coordinator to one of the training sessions. These sessions will also serve as the time entry for a parallel payroll run 405 from TERMS, so payroll users are expected to bring the time entry for that payroll with them to training. Additional sessions will be scheduled in October/November for backup employees to receive training. Worksite Level HR and Position Control Training In addition, training from the earlier HR/Position Control sessions will be repeated for anyone not previously trained and open labs have been scheduled for those that have already received the initial training. Training is scheduled to begin the week of September 10, 2013, and registration will take place using AVATAR. All schools and departments are expected to send their primary HR/Position Control user to either the initial training (if he/she has not been trained) or an open lab session (if he/she has already received the initial training).Additional sessions will be scheduled in October/November 2013 for backup employees to receive training The courses are as follows: Position Request/Job Opening Target Audience: Secretaries, Bookkeepers Course Description: How to request new positions and changes to existing positions (job ads, etc). Employee Inquiry/Personnel Actions Target Audience: Secretaries, Bookkeepers Course Description: How to query employee master records; administer status changes in personnel (transfer, termination, re-assignment). Time Entry Target Audience: Secretaries, Bookkeepers, Substitute Coordinators that key time for substitutes, PLACE Site Managers Course Description: How to administer time entry for payroll. Sessions for the week of September 3, 2013 have been structured for school personnel, district cost center personnel, and PLACE personnel separately. Please be sure to register for the proper session. Applicant Processing Target Audience: Secretaries, Bookkeepers Course Description: How to read and process applications for new hires.

Training Schedule and Registration

The Training Schedule and Registration is being managed through Avatar. If you have difficulty logging in, please select the Additional Help link on the log in page. The September 2013 training is intended for the primary responsible person(s) at each cost center. Training for those serving as a “back-up” for the cost center will be scheduled in October/November 2013. If you have questions or concerns; please contact the ERP Project team by email here.

Phase 1 is Now Live!

You may now sign on to the live MUNIS system for the financial modules which include requisitions, purchase orders, purchase order receiving, fixed assets, general ledger, budget, contracts, and accounts receivable.

Help Desk

To access the help desk for Munis, please send an email to with your question(s) or a description of any problem(s) you may be experiencing. Be sure to include screen shots (if applicable) and an extension where you can be reached. You will receive a ticket number via email to indicate your question/problem has been received. An ERP project team member will contact you as soon as possible. Our help desk system will enable us to answer questions in the order they were received, keep track of reported questions/issues, and provide assistance in maintaining a reference library of FAQ’s.

Our Project Statement

The District School Board of Pasco County is embarking on an initiative to improve its business processes, increasing value for all stakeholders through increased automation, increased accuracy and minimizing duplication, and deployment of standards and best practices to increase efficiency and productivity. Clearly, this project includes the implementation of supporting technology in the form of an ERP system, but the realization of value from that investment will also require a focus on District culture, organization, communications, and operations. As the District moves through the phases of this project, staff will be challenged to rethink current practices. This initiative must foster an environment of change and redesign to allow for more efficient and effective processes. In addition to the process and cultural changes that must occur, this project will revolve around the implementation of the Munis Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from Tyler Technologies that will support staff in the delivery of services and activities, provide the opportunity for multi-faceted data-driven decisions, significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes, and aid in the transformation and standardization of financial and human resource processes. This implementation will only be impacting the business side of our current system. The Student Information System side is not addressed in the scope of work.