Monday, December 21, 2009

Take Someone You Love to Lunch at Schrader Elementary

Love is in the air at Schrader Elementary School. "Loved" people joined second-grade students for lunch in the cafeteria last week to start the school's year long promotion. Each grade selected a different month for the promotion, which allows students to invite a special person to join them for lunch. In Janurary, first graders will enjoy their special day on the 25th, followed by the third grade on February 16th, the fourth grade on March 25th, the fifth grade on April 15th, and ending the year with the Kindergarten on May 13th.
We hoped this event would allow us to thank parents and guardians for the love they show their elementary students, and for making a difference in their lives. It is wonderful seeing how happy the students are to have their special "loved" one join them for lunch. --JoAnn Schmidt, FNS Manager at Schrader Elementary School