Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sushi Tuesdays at John Long Middle

After a week of anticipation, students at John Long Middle School got a taste of the sea. For its debut today, 89 servings of the District's new Rising Sun Sushi™ were purchased. Secondary schools throughout Pasco County now have the option of offering sushi. Three different varieties are available, including spicy shrimp roll, vegetable roll, and California roll. Sushi is an a la carte item and available to all secondary students and adults for only $5.00 a tray. Each tray includes 6 rolls. The Rising Sun Sushi™ is made with authentic sushi ingredients, such as good-for-you vegetables, delicate nori, sticky rice with a hint of sweet vinegar, crunchy sesame seeds, and seafood that’s always fully cooked for food safety.