Friday, February 01, 2019

Superintendent Kurt Browning on Governor DeSantis’ Common Core Standards Standards Announcement

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (January 31, 2019) – Governor Ron DeSantis announced today his intention to sign an executive order eliminating Common Core State Standards and streamlining state testing.

I commend the governor for taking bold stands and staying true to his promises. I completely support streamlining standardized testing, increasing civics education, and improving literacy.

However, I ask Governor DeSantis and Education Commissioner Corcoran to consider the amount of time, funding, and effort teachers, administrators, and school districts have invested in professional learning, curriculum, materials, and resources that align with our current standards. I understand that parents have had difficulty grasping some of the standards, and there may be a need to adjust some of them. My concern is that we not lose ground in the progress we have made toward ensuring our students are prepared for the demands of college and the workforce.

We look forward to working with our state leaders to assure that the development of new K-12 standards is deliberate and focused on preparing all students for success in college, career, and life.