Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Search Goes Back…to the Future

During the last couple of days I made the decision to scrap our CMSes internal search engine and go back to using the Google custom search we had working on the previous site. The change should be more or less transparent; you still access search using the magnifying glass button in the upper right corner of the page. It's no secret to anyone who worked with me during the development phase of our new site that I've long felt internal search was one of the few weak points of the content management system we selected. Despite my better judgment, I decided to use it at launch for two reasons: First, I figured it would take a little time for Google to re-index our site with all the new changes, and second, I wanted to see how well it would work for he general user. In short, it didn't. At least not yet. So Google is back. In time I'm sure we'll implement some part of the internal search again, most likely to allow for an employee contact finder or as a replacement to the administrative database, but that's going to take some work before it's ready. More news as it becomes available. As always, your comments are welcome.