Monday, August 09, 2010

School Administrators Maximize the Power of the Media Technology Program

This summer Instructional Media and Technology Services offered school-based administrators an opportunity to learn how to access data and valuable tools to help assess the status of the school media technology program. The focus of the day was to identify program areas to be further developed as identified in ExC3EL – Expectations for Collaboration, Collections, and Connections to Enhance Learning, Florida’s Media Program Evaluation Rubric designed to ensure that students have the opportunities needed for learning in the 21st century. Research states administrators play a huge role in how the use of information and technology is defined in their school.  The department utilizes the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators to continually provide opportunities for increasing technology literacy. 

In the morning administrators spent time exploring program data and the tools that will help drive growth of their media technology program.  In the afternoon the participants were given hands-on time to further develop their technology skills through video.  They learned how to incorporate the iPod Nano for digitally capturing best practices.  Our expectation is for administrators to be actively modeling technology and effective communication through multimedia with the Nano back at their school.  

 "Integrating technology throughout a school system is, in itself, significant systemic reform. We have a wealth of evidence attesting to the importance of leadership in implementing and sustaining systemic reform in schools.  It is critical, therefore, that we attend seriously to leadership for technology in schools."                                                                                                          — Don Knezek, ISTE CEO

 A shorter version of the workshop was offered during Leadership Development week in June. For more information on Florida’s Library Media programs go to