Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pasco’s Students Exceed State Average

The District School Board of Pasco County is pleased to announce that Pasco’s FCAT retake scores released earlier today indicate that Pasco’s students exceed the state averages in all categories.  In total, 640 Pasco students took the FCAT retake in mathematics.  Of these students, 35% of the District’s tenth graders, 33% of eleventh graders and 25% of twelfth graders passed the exam this year.  This compares with 27%, 29% and 21% of students respectively statewide.  A total of 1,377 Pasco students took the FCAT reading retakes.  Of these students, 17% of tenth, 27% of eleventh, and 17% of twelfth grade students in Pasco passed the exam this year.  This compares with 14%, 22% and 15% respectively statewide. 

In Florida, students currently have several opportunities to take the tenth grade FCAT in order to meet the current high school graduation requirement, which requires a scale score of at least 300 in reading and in mathematics.  Students may also meet the graduation requirement by earning a concordant score on an alternative assessment.    

“This is a tremendous personal achievement for the students who have reached this important milestone and are one step closer to walking across our stage as a graduate,” said Superintendent Heather Fiorentino. “We are proud of these students and join them in celebrating this accomplishment.  As we applaud this success, we remain committed to ensuring that all students have the appropriate resources and support needed to reach their highest potential,” she added. 

Attached, please see the FCAT retake results by school.