Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pasco’s Focus on Student Success Pays Off

The District School Board of Pasco County is pleased to report that Pasco’s students continue to excel, outpacing the state average in several areas.  Due to the diligent work of Pasco’s entire team, steady progress is reflected in the results released earlier today. The District is particularly proud of its tenth grade students who exceeded the state average in mathematics and whose writing scores reflect significant levels of achievement.  The District had an overall increase of six percentage points in 10th grade mathematics scores, with 85% of high schools maintaining or improving their performance from last year.  Every high school in Pasco showed increases in the percent of students scoring a 4.0 or higher on the writing assessment. The District’s tenth graders also showed an overall improvement of four percentage points in reading, with nine of eleven general high schools maintaining or improving their performance. “Our entire team has really intensified their efforts at the secondary level to ensure that all students graduate from our system prepared for the challenges of global citizenship and we are extremely proud to see that our efforts have paid off in this area,stated Superintendent Heather Fiorentino. 

As Pasco works to prepare students with 21st Century Literacy Skills, writing has been a primary focus of the District.  Pasco is proud to report that 92% of elementary, 95% of middle and 94% of high school students earned a score of 3.0 or above this year on the FCAT writing assessment.

Pasco students also showed improvement in all grade levels on their science assessment, with middle school students performing above the state average.  Additionally, 76% of elementary schools and 75% of high schools in Pasco County maintained or improved their science performance as compared to last year.

“As we celebrate the success within this subset of data, we recognize that opportunity for improvement exists in our efforts to ensure that all students reach their highest potential.  We will continue to use these results as one tool for determining how we can best meet the individual needs of all students,” Fiorentino added.