Friday, August 25, 2017

Pasco Students Improve Performance on AP Exams, Equal or Outperform Peers Across the Globe

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (August 25, 2017) – In 2017, more Pasco County students scored the highest level on their AP exams than any previous year, and they equaled or exceeded their peers’ performance in the state, nation, and globally on seven subject area exams. These achievements occurred while Pasco County increased the number of students taking AP exams – 4,174 students took 7,281 exams – which was a 2.9 percent increase from the previous year (7,077 exams taken in 2016).

District-wide, 54 percent of the tests taken resulted in a score of three or better, matching the district’s previous record high from 2014. AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 are considered to reflect proficiency at the college level. For the fourth year in a row, more Pasco students scored a level 5, the highest possible passing score, than the prior year.

The number of Level 4 and Level 5 scores either exceeded or matched the district’s best performances. Compared to state averages, Pasco County matched the number of Level 5 scores (9.6 percent) and exceeded the number of Level 3 and 4 scores (25.1 percent compared to 24.9 percent and 25.7 percent compared to 25.3 percent, respectively). Pasco also had fewer Level 1 scores (20.7 percent) than the state (23.1 percent).

Below are graphs detailing the comparisons. Click here to access the subject by subject spreadsheet.

Pasco County Levels Over the 5 Year Period

2017 District/Florida % of Levels