Monday, September 11, 2017

Pasco Schools Update 7: School Opening Delayed

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (September 11, 2017) – After reassessing the situation in shelters, our revised tentative plan is to reopen schools on Monday, September 18.

In an effort to prepare schools for the return of students, we still are mobilizing the return of custodians on Tuesday.  Custodial staff that assisted with shelters will be given consideration when the clean-up schedule is developed. The plan is for all remaining staff to return to work on Friday, September 15.

This plan is subject to change.   If we are unable to restore schools to acceptable operational levels by Friday, we will not resume classes on Monday.  We will notify everyone of any changes.

No athletic team practices or other student functions will resume until Friday, at the earliest.

Evacuees continue to clear out of shelters, and buses are being coordinated to transport those without their own transportation from every shelter that needs them.