Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Pasco Schools to Close on Friday

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (September 6, 2017) -- Based on what we know now, and after consultation with Pasco County emergency operations leaders, Pasco County will need to open shelters in schools beginning Friday morning. That means all schools will be closed on Friday.

All sports and extracurricular activities are canceled for Friday and over the weekend.

All Administrative, Professional/Technical, and non-bargaining employees should plan to report to work on Friday unless they have coordinated the absence with their supervisor. Maintenance employees should coordinate with their respective supervisors regarding their status for Friday. Food Service and Transportation employees may also be contacted to assist with shelter, evacuation, or other emergency operations during the storm.

There’s a good chance that schools will be closed on Monday due to sheltering requirements, but no decision has been made in that regard. We will contact everyone on Sunday by phone and email, and will post information on the district and school websites and on district social media sites. We also will notify media as decisions are made.

We urge everyone to continue to make preparations. Employees are urged to move items off of floors to avoid possible destruction from flooding. Those with personal items at work may want to take them home. Everyone is reminded to secure their homes and stock up on flashlight batteries, water and non-perishable foods. Don’t forget pets.

Everyone be safe! We will continue to post updates online, and will be in touch regarding the status of schools next week.

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