Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pasco Continues to Shine

The District School Board of Pasco County is excited to announce the remarkable performance of its high schools, as demonstrated by the graduation rates announced by the Florida Department of Education earlier today.   This high level of achievement coincides with the state’s efforts to provide a more stringent definition of what constitutes graduation from a Florida public school.   This year, the state released its data using two different calculations:  The Florida Graduation Rate and the National Governors Association (NGA) rate. Under each measure, Pasco far surpasses the state average and continues to demonstrate a pattern of sustained improvement:


Pasco 2006-2007

Pasco 2007-2008

Pasco 2008-2009

Pasco 2009-2010

Pasco 2010-2011


Statewide Average

Florida Graduation Rate














“Pasco is fortunate to have an incredible team of talented educators working each and every day to ensure that all children are prepared for success in the 21st Century.  Graduation is one the most fundamental milestones in that preparation.  Our teams, led by administrators and supported by Supervisor Ramon Suarez, review data of at-risk students on a daily basis and work closely with students and their families to provide intervention and support services at the first sign of difficulty.  Their aggressive, proactive approach is having a profound impact on the lives of students and is reflected in our District’s performance,”said Superintendent Fiorentino. 

Pasco has five high schools with graduation rates above 90% (under the NGA calculation):

  • Wiregrass Ranch (92.1%)
  • J.W. Mitchell (90.6%)
  • Pasco (90.6%)
  • Wesley Chapel (90.6%)
  • River Ridge (90.2%)

Additionally, the District is pleased with the dramatic progress made atHudson (improving from 70.2% to 85.0%) and Ridgewood (improving from 83.6% to 88.3%).  All high schools in Pasco have implemented a variety of intensive strategies designed to meet the individual needs of all students and the District’s efforts are yielding tremendous results.

The District’s drop-out rate also continues a steady decline, dropping to an all-time low of 1.0% this year.  This impressive figure reflects a decrease from last year’s rate and is almost a full percentage point less than the state average drop-out rate of 1.9%.  Ten out of the eleven traditional high schools in Pasco that received a state score earned a drop-out rate of 1.0% or less.  This impressive feat is a reflection of concentrated efforts to ensure that all students succeed.

As we celebrate our success, we are mindful that if even one of our District’s 67,000 students falls short of this important milestone, there are severe ramifications for that child and our community.  We will continue our efforts to build upon these accomplishments until all children in Pasco County graduate prepared for a successful tomorrow,” Fiorentino added.