Thursday, September 17, 2009

No More Couch Potatoes at Seven Oaks Elementary

Potato heads of all shapes and sizes top the serving lines at Seven Oaks Elementary School for its September “Don’t Be a Couch Potato” promotion. The school food service staff is hoping to encourage students to “Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit.” During lunch, students can select a color-sheet that portrays a Potato Head shooting hoops, jumping rope, riding a bike, playing baseball, rollerblading, performing a pirouette, or playing on the seesaw with a friend. Students are asked to return their colorful potato head picture to be displayed in the cafeteria and/or serving area. Each student who returns a color sheet will be entered to win a variety of prizes. At the end of each week, student entries will be randomly selected. Prizes include small “activity” inspiring equipment, and other donated prizes.
"Each month we try to find fun ways to encourage students to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not only our department's mission, but something we all believe in. Encouraging students to live an active lifestyle is something we all can do. Our department wants to be an asset for our families and students." -Dallas DeVenny, FNS Manager at Seven Oaks Elementary.
Throughout the year, the food service staff plans to offer more health-inspired promotions, including “Don’t Be a Ghoul, Eating Right is Cool” for October, and “Get Hoppin’ for Good Health” in the spring.
"With a limited budget this school year, business partners or community members, who are interested, can donate “new” sport or health-inspired goods that we could give to students as prizes. This would be a great way for the community to help support our mission of helping to build a healthier student body.” -Richard Kurtz, FNS Director
For more information on the health promotion efforts of the Seven Oaks Elementary food service staff, you may contact Dallas DeVenny, FNS Manager or call (813) 794-0778.