Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Proposed Boundary Maps Available

Both the High School and Middle School Boundary Committees for the west side of the county have completed their work in developing proposed boundary changes. The committees began meeting in May and were tasked with developing a boundary for the new High School “EEE” as well as adjusting boundaries for the entire west side that would balance school populations and provide consistent feeder patterns. These new boundaries, if approved, would take effect beginning in the 2010-2011 school year in conjunction with the opening of the new high school which is currently under construction at State Road 52 and Chicago Avenue. Maps showing the proposed boundaries are posted here on the website. Large maps of these boundaries will also be posted at each of the middle and high schools on the west side of the county. Parents will have opportunities to comment on these boundaries as well as ask questions at parent meetings which will be held in September and October (dates, times and locations to be announced). Parents will also have the opportunity to provide comment to the school board when they take up the issue at two meetings in the late fall of this year (again, dates and times to be announced). Elementary “S”, located off of Community Drive, south of SR 54, just west of Gunn Highway in the Odessa area, is on track to open in August of 2010. The boundary committee charged with developing this boundary will begin meeting in September. A proposed boundary, created from the boundaries of Trinity Elementary, Longleaf Elementary and Oakstead Elementary is expected to be complete by the end of September or early October. A parent meeting will be conducted in October to provide opportunities for parent input and questions. The school board will discuss this boundary in conjunction with the boundaries outlined above. Any questions regarding the boundaries should be directed to the Planning Department. High Schools Proposed Boundary Map (2010/2011) Middle Schools Proposed Boundary Map (2010/2011)