Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mitchell High School Exceptional Education Students Recycling Project

Who: Mitchell High School exceptional education students

What: Recycling for a cause

When: Daily, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., as part of a greater year-round effort

Where: Mitchell High School, Room 303, 2323 Little Road, New Port Richey

Why: To help rid the oceans of plastic by organizing recycling efforts at their school and learn daily living skills for managing individual disabilities.

How: Inspired by "Plastic Ocean," a documentary about the impact plastics have on the environment, special needs students at Mitchell High School organized a recycling program as a class project. Each day, students work to collect recyclable materials from the lunchroom, classrooms, and common areas to do their part to help the planet. These efforts are teaching special needs students skills for work and life while also instilling a passion for preserving their environment.

CONTACT: John Sousa 813-838-6091 (c), jsousa@pasco.k12.fl.us
                   Linda Cobbe, 813-794-2717 (w), 813-361-8349 (c)
                   Wayne Bertsch, 813-794-2259 (w), 850-251-1835 (c)