Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Land O’ Lakes High School Students Headed to Science Olympiads State Finals

 Land O’ Lakes, FL – (Feb. 8, 2017) – Two teams of Land O’ Lakes High School International Baccalaureate (IB) students have qualified for the Science Olympiads state finals.

Of the three teams representing LOLHS at the Regional Science Olympiad last Saturday, two of them qualified for the state competition after placing in the top six out of 47 total regional teams. The LOLHS teams comprised 45 IB students, who were accompanied by chemistry teacher and Science Olympiads sponsor Amanda Faint.

Team 1 placed first in the Towers and Wind Power divisions, both of which required students to build working models that they tested the day of competition. This team also placed second in Forensics, an event that tested students on their lab skills and knowledge of the topic. The team also placed third in Hovercraft, another build event, and Rocks and Minerals, a test-based event. Team 1 placed fifth overall.

Team 2 placed first in Disease Detectives and Remote Sensing, two test-based events that displayed students’ skills and knowledge of the topic. The team placed second in Towers, and third in Electric Vehicle, a build event, and Experimental Design, a lab event. Team 2 placed third overall.

Team 3 placed first in Electric Vehicle, and 12th overall, despite being short two participants.

“Three of our teams ranked extremely well in the engineering- and lab-based events,” Faint said. “With an excellent field of competitors, our Land O’ Lakes students reached quite the achievement.”

Team 1 (LOL Exdee)

Albert Xing
Alyssa Nguyen
Hang Nguyen
Sidhvi Nekkanti
Navya Jampani
Kenta Xu
Rohil Tuli
Josie Hidalgo
Shania Tjhiang
Brianna Vo
Trip Gray
Cindy Long
Josiah Pineda
Sena Eskalen

Team 2 (Natural Selection)

Adelin Pop

Akshaya Venkata
Alexander Lilov
Armen Brotgandel
Ashley Rocks
Edward Brotgandel
Ethan Teo
Felix Sanjay
Funda Eskalen
Joseph Pineda
Joshua Brett
Lisa Johnson
Nathan Brett
Tony El‐Rady
Tzuriel Garcia

Team 3 (Andromeda)

Daniel Rodriguez
Mitesh Persaud
Sebastian Garcia
Isabelle Langner
Branden Evangelista
Jeffrey Liu
Katie Vo
Ryan Husain
Komal Handoo
Beyza Eskalen

John Turbessi
Raymond Sugiro
Roshan Kumaraswamy