Monday, January 09, 2012

High Schools in Pasco Earn High Marks

The District School Board of Pasco County is proud to report that 85% (11 out of 13) of its high schools earned an outstanding grade of A or B under the state formula for high school grades.  This year, the state of Florida utilized a comprehensive approach when evaluating the performance of high schools, encompassing a variety of student achievement indicators, including assessment data, participation in accelerated courses and graduation rates.  Under this formula, 83% (10 out of 12) of the high schools in Pasco that received grades last year maintained or improved their school grade, with two schools showing dramatic improvement:

Anclote High School – (from F to A)

Hudson High School (from D to B)

The District is delighted that six schools in Pasco earned an A (Pasco, Wesley Chapel, J.W. Mitchell, Wiregrass Ranch, River Ridge and Anclote High Schools).   Ridgewood High School has also shown continued steady growth, moving from a C to a B this year.

These improved results are a reflection of the dedication and commitment of each member of our entire team,” said Superintendent Heather Fiorentino.  “We are extremely proud of our schools that have made significant progress in ensuring that all students graduate prepared for success.  Our schools continue to excel in the face of adversity, which is a testament to the resilience, hard work and skill level of our amazing team of educators.  They truly are our most valuable resource, and they should be commended for a job well done,” she added.