Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy Morning Snack Packs at Participating Elementary Schools

Since several elementary school's start times are later this year, many students are choosing to eat breakfast at home, but are ready for a snack by the time school starts. Food and Nutrition Services is excited to offer a new healthy Morning Snack Pack program at participating elementary schools for students who need something a little extra to hold them over until lunch. Healthy Morning Snack Packs are now available for students when they arrive on campus. Students can enjoy the morning snack before school starts or, if their teacher permits**, they can save it for snack time later in the day. **Varies by school. Please check with your child's school for more information. Students may select a more traditional breakfast or the Morning Snack Pack for only $1.25 at participating schools. At those schools that offer the complimentary breakfast, if the students do not select the breakfast, there will be no charge for the snack pack. Students that qualify for meal benefits, may obtain a breakfast or a Morning Snack Pack at their established meal price. If a student chooses to select a breakfast and a snack pack, the price of the snack pack is $1.50 for all students. Three different versions of the Morning Snack Pack are available. The Graham Snack Pack is available on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Cheese Cracker Snack Pack is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the lowfat Muffin Snack Pack is available on Fridays. All snack packs include a choice of milk. For more information on the Morning Snack Pack program, please contact your child's school’s Food and Nutrition Services Manager. Participating schools include:
  • Anclote Elementary School
  • Calusa Elementary School
  • Cotee River Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Deer Park Elementary School
  • Denham Oaks Elementary School
  • Double Branch Elementary School
  • Mary Giella Elementary School
  • Gulf Highlands Elementary School
  • Gulfside Elementary School
  • Hudson Elementary School
  • Lacoochee Elementary School
  • Lake Myrtle Elementary School
  • James M. Marlowe Elementary School
  • Northwest Elementary School
  • Pine View Elementary School
  • San Antonio Elementary School
  • Sand Pine Elementary School
  • Sanders Memorial Elementary School
  • Schrader Elementary School
  • Shady Hills Elementary School
  • Sunray Elementary School
  • Veterans Elementary School
  • Woodland Elementary School