Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gulf Middle Student Council Gets Inside Look at City Government

Who: Gulf Middle School Student Council members, New Port Richey government agencies, and city officials

What: Student Government Day with the City of New Port Richey

When: 7:45 a.m. to 1:20 p.m., Friday, Sept. 29

Where: New Port Richey City Hall, 5919 Main St.; New Port Richey Police Department, 6739 Adams St.; New Port Richey Fire Department, 6333 Madison St.; New Port Richey Wastewater Plant, 4730 Main St.; New Port Richey Recreation Center, 6630 Van Buren St.; New Port Richey Water Plant, 9747 DeCubellis Road

Why: Gulf Middle School Student Council members will get a rare, exciting, inside look at government agency operations, meet city officials, and enjoy a complimentary lunch.

How: Gulf Middle School Student Council members will go on an exciting tour of the New Port Richey police, fire, and public works departments, and the water filtration and waste treatment facilities. The tour will begin at City Hall, where students will receive a warm welcome from Mayor Robert Marlowe and City Manager Debbie Manns, and participate in photo opportunities with them. The students will then be paired with city officials, experience a mock City Council meeting, and get treated to lunch at the new Beef O’ Brady’s on the river. Guests can follow the tour from the beginning or jump in at any point. Please see the attachment for the full schedule and locations. For more information, contact Elizabeth Kuhns at (727) 774-8018.