Monday, September 27, 2010

From the Classroom to the World of Work

From the classroom setting to the world of work, students of the On the Job Training (OJT) program at Sunlake High School have had the opportunities of a lifetime.

Last year, Sunlake High School OJT students came each day to the District Instructional Media Center at the Pasco County School District office complex, where they worked in Media Resources under the supervision of Lynne Westervelt, Media Resources Technician for the Department of Instructional Media and Technology Services. The program was so successful that a new group of students will begin working in September 2010.

In the course of their work activities, both in Media Resources and other assigned areas, these students have performed tasks that contribute toward the efficient functioning of daily operations. They have learned how to scan important documents, learned mailing routes via the courier system, grounds keeping duties, how to distribute print and visual media, warehouse procedures, and how to prepare food for the district cafeteria.

OJT students have shown a tremendous amount of growth through their participation in the School District worksite program. They have acquired valuable work specific skills, learned the importance of teamwork, and have experienced the feeling of being an essential part to a larger process.