Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food Safety is Top Priority

Food and Nutrition Services considers food safety a top priority. All food service employees are asked to complete the 10-hour food safety and sanitiation course during their first year of employment, and the refresher course once every three years. Although it is not a requirement for school food service managers to obtain a national-level food safety manager certification, Pasco County FNS is proud to announce that our school food service managers and many of our assistant managers take the initiative to obtain this honor. We would like to congratulate the food service managers, assistant managers, internship graduates, and current interns who recently took their national ServSafe exam. Now, 100% of our food service managers and most of our assistant managers have their national-level food safety certification. Congratulations to Renae Artlip, Evelyn Babilonia, Thomas Delfel, Brenda Francis, Barbara Grusse, Crystal Hadley, Karen Hatfield, Wendy Howard, Louise Hoyle, Linda Hudson, Robin Ladig, Vonnie Maples, Anthony David Martin, Lisa Morin, Linda Osuba, Suzanne Pawelek, Jan Popp, Kim Sanders, Kim Ungerer, Helen Venezia, Tammy Vincent, Michele Weibley, and Nicole Westmoreland.