Monday, June 01, 2009

Food and Nutrition Awarded USDA Best Practice in Customer Service

Pasco County Schools' Food and Nutrition Services Departments has just received word that it has earned a USDA Southeast Region Best Practice Award in Customer Service for its Elementary Color Wheel Program, designed to help elementary students understand their lunch and breakfast meal choices. The program was developed with the help from the food service staff at Cotee River Elementary School during their "Eat Your Colors" promotion. The Color Wheel Program was launched in January after students returned from the winter break. Three different colors are used along with numbers to represent the different food choice categories and the quantity each student may select as a part of a healthy lunch or breakfast. The purpose of the USDA Best Practice Award is to encourage and reward outstanding practices in school food service programs in the Southeast Region, and for the department's continued efforts to provide quality services to Pasco County students. Last year, the department received a USDA Best Practice Award in Food Safety for its Amazing Race Food Safety Training Program. Congratulations to all FNS employees for your continued success!