Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coca-Cola Supports Sustainability

Sustainability, now this is a term that you hear a lot lately.  The District School Board of Pasco County has empowered its students and employees to be environmentally conscious through its environmental education centers, recycling, energy management and water conservation efforts.

Recently, the students at Seven Springs Middle School had an opportunity to participate in the Coca-Cola Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) Day.  Students competed within their school to create projects that featured air quality and water conservation themes.  The winning students from Mrs. Tehan and Mrs. Ulrich’s class were invited to attend a special Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Day sponsored by Coca-Cola.  John Soler, Energy Coordinator and Karen Bryant, Recycling Coordinator served as chaperones.  The day featured guest speakers from the Southwest Florida Management District, the Tampa Beautification Program, and the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) of Hillsborough County.

Select students were selected to travel to the Tampa Coca-Cola bottling plant to demonstrate their projects and learn about other air quality and water conservation measures.  The following students participated in the event: Paige Farina, Jillian Martin, Kiana Mohr, Storm Schenk, Zach Anderson, Olivia Batshon, Alyx Depagter, Julie Cavallaro, Michelle Ordax, Melanie Mercado, Phillip Phillips, Cason Murdoch, Celena Heesch, and Madison Shafer.  The students were given front row seats to hear all of the guest presentations.  When it was their turn, each group of 2-3 students presented their projects to the audience.  The projects were amazing and imaginative, such as dehumidifying plants, water collection systems, the water cycle, and more.  Some were hands-on demonstrations, videos, and posters.  The students were very professional and knowledgeable and even answered audience questions.

The day concluded with a unique tour of the bottling plant.  It was so interesting to see the several varieties of products being made.  It made the students appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making their favorite Coca-Cola products.  The facility uses high-efficiency lighting, skylights, and some hybrid vehicles to distribute products, so the students were able to see actual energy-efficiency measures that have been taken at the facility.

The Coca-Cola CRS Day gave the Seven Springs MS students a chance to learn about major companies in their local community that are involved in energy management, water conservation, and protecting our resources.  Seven Springs Middle School is proud to help educate young minds on the importance of sustainability.