Monday, November 09, 2009

Breakfast in the Courtyard at Fox Hollow Elementary

Fox Hollow Elementary students can enjoy a FREE breakfast every day. The school's new Grab-n-Go breakfast allows students to pick up a free breakfast in the courtyard on their way to class. In addition to getting a healthy breakfast, students were able to get through the breakfast line in half the time, plus students were in class on time ready to learn. The school's teachers and adminstration were impressed with the positive response by the students, the speed of the line, and how quickly the students went to class. Fox Hollow Elementary hopes to see an increase in breakfast participation and improvements in student behavior and learning. They believe that promoting breakfast ties directly to their goals as a Healthier Generation school, and allowing breakfast in the classroom should provide the students with additional time for instruction and to consume a healthy breakfast. Fox Hollow Elementary is a Title I and an Alliance for a Healthier Generation school, making lunch and breakfast an important part of the school day. The school has participated in the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for more than 3 years, making a commitment to become a healthy school. The school offers nutrition education for students during meal services, has had guest speakers (i.e., Jared, the Subway Guy) meet with the student body, fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily for lunch, and fresh fruit at breakfast, and the school only offers lowfat milks. Fox Hollow has a well-established wellness committee that meets once a month to review the school’s progress and progress reports are submitted annually. The entire staff understands the importance of teaching a well-nourished child.