Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boundary Process Begins for High School “EEE”

With the opening of the new "EEE" High School at S.R. 52 and Chicago Avenue in the Hudson area comes the need for developing the attendance boundary for the school. The boundary process began on April 30th with the initial meeting of the boundary committee. The committee is tasked with carving out an attendance boundary from the existing boundaries of Hudson High School, Ridgewood High School and River Ridge High School. The committee consists of principals, parents, administrators and representatives from the Exceptional Student Education, Transportation and Planning Departments. In addition, boundary committees will meet this coming summer to look at adjusting all west-side high school and west-side middle school attendance boundaries due to the opening of High School "EEE" and for the purpose of balancing student populations at each of these schools. A proposal for boundary changes is expected to be complete by the fall and at that time will be presented to the public for comment and questions. Ultimately, all proposed boundary changes will go to the School Board for approval.