Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Attendance Boundary Update

The attendance boundary committee met yesterday, May 18th, to develop a proposed attendance boundary for High School "EEE". After much debate, the committee chose Option 4A. This option rezones students from Hudson High School, River Ridge High School and Ridgewood High School to the yet to be named High School "EEE". In addition, some students from River Ridge High School were rezoned to Hudson High. The boundary between Ridgewood High and River Ridge High remains unchanged as does the boundary between Gulf High and Ridgewood High. The proposed Option 4A would balance the projected school populations at these schools as follows:
  • Gulf High - 78% of capacity
  • High School "EEE" - 85% of capacity
  • Hudson High - 81% of capacity
  • Ridgewood High - 86% of capacity
  • River Ridge High - 78% of capacity
Over the summer, a middle school boundary committee will meet to review the west side middle school boundaries in light of the proposed changes to the high school boundaries as well as to examine ways to balance the populations of these middle schools. A high school boundary committee will also meet over the summer to review the entire west side boundary lines and recommend whether additional changes need to be made. Elementary School "S", a new elementary school in the Odessa area is slated to open in August, 2010. A boundary committee for this school will begin meeting in September to carve out an attendance boundary out of the existing Longleaf, Oakstead and Trinity Elementary schools. Parent meetings will be conducted in the fall to review and receive input on all of the proposed boundary changes. Final school board approval is expected to take place prior to the new year. Relevant Documents Boundary Map - Option 1 Boundary Map - Option 2 Boundary Map - Option 3 Boundary Map - Option 4 2009-2010 Timeline School Boundary Committee Role School Boundary Committee Guidelines