Wednesday, September 12, 2012

District Selected as a 2012 Healthiest Employer

The District School Board of Pasco County has been selected as a 2012 Healthiest Employers Awards finalist and will be honored at an awards celebration luncheon on Thursday, September 13, 2012. At the luncheon, all finalists will be recognized on stage and the winners of Healthiest Employer for 2012 will be announced.

The District School Board of Pasco County will be featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal‘s 2012 Healthiest Employers special publication along with the other honorees. This publication will announce the scores of all the 2012 Healthiest Employers and will be inserted into the September 14th issue of the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Thank you to the Employee Benefit and Risk Management Deaprtment for their hard work and dedication.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

2011/2012 Annual Battery Recycling contest results

Conservation and Recycling Operations would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all the schools that participated in the Annual Battery Recycling Contest sponsored by Pasco County Utilities and the District School Board of Pasco County.  Thanks to the combined efforts of the students, families, and school staff from seventy schools, we were able to collect more than 27,600 pounds of household batteries and divert the toxic items from the landfill.

To recognize their commitment to the environment, all participating schools received Certificates of Appreciation with the Top 10 schools receiving monetary awards, as well, thanks to money generated from the Districts recycling efforts.  The following is the Top 10 list of schools and the total weight of the batteries they collected:

West Zephyrhills Elementary – 2295 lbs.
Richey Elementary – 2175 lbs.
Schrader Elementary – 1387 lbs.
Pine View Middle – 1227 lbs.
Wesley Chapel Elementary – 1226 lbs.
Charles S. Rushe Middle – 1212 lbs.
Lake Myrtle Elementary – 1045 lbs.
Gulfside Elementary – 1003 lbs.
Mittye P. Lock Elementary – 997 lbs.
Double Branch Elementary – 827 lbs.

Again, thanks to all the schools that participated in this year’s contest and congratulations to the Top 10 schools. 

If you’d like more information about Battery Recycling or any other District Recycling/Energy programs, please visit the Conservation and Recycling Operations website at or contact Tony Bartenope @ 794-7936.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pasco’s Students Show Steady Gains on Advanced Placement Exams

Pasco’s students showed steady gains on this year’s Advanced Placement results, with an increase of 6% of students scoring a level 3 or higher (from 45% to 51%).  The District also saw a reduction in the percentage of students scoring in the lowest category (a level one) on their Advanced Placement exams (from 27% to 23%).  This year, 10 of 13 high schools increased their percentage of students scoring a level 3 or higher.  The District is especially proud of Gulf High School, which secured a 15% increase in students scoring 3 or higher (from 59% to 74%), the highest percentage in the district.  The following schools also exceeded the state average of students scoring a level three or higher, while increasing enrollment in Advanced Placement courses:  River Ridge High School, J.W. Mitchell High School, Land O’ Lakes High School and Wiregrass Ranch High School

In recent years, the District has made a targeted effort to increase access to accelerated learning opportunities for all students.  Advanced Placement courses are one avenue for meeting this goal.  Overall, 18% of students in Pasco’s high schools were enrolled in an Advanced Placement course this year.  At J.W. Mitchell High School, 31% of the total student population was enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement Course.  Additionally, Pasco’s newest high school, Fivay, saw a 56% increase in Advanced Placement enrollment this year.

The District is proud of its students’ performance, and of its dedicated teachers for their efforts to provide rigorous learning opportunities for all students.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moscow Ballet Soloists Spend a “Summer of Immersion” at PLACE Camp WOW!

The District School Board of Pasco County’s PLACE program has secured a first in the country with Moscow Ballet’s “New Horizons: A Children’s Program For Life.”  Many PLACE children experienced the world premiere of Moscow Ballet’s “New Horizons” program in a 5 hour day of immersion at the St. Petersburg’s Mahaffey Theater in December, 2011 and now they are the first to experience 6 full weeks of immersion here in Pasco County.

Over 3300 children enrolled in Camp WOW! at PLACE are working with world renowned Moscow Ballet dancers.  Each dancer has been assigned 6 program locations and is spending a week at each location with the children enrolled. The children are immersed in Russion culture, storytelling, movement & dance, creative expression and nutrition instruction.  Each child is enjoying personal attention from the Russian artists and role models;  Master Teachers Svetlana Todinova and Natalia Miroshnyk, male soloist Vladimir Trystan and award-winning ballerina Anastasia Kazakova.

This partnership between the District School Board of Pasco County’s PLACE program and the Moscow Ballet has provided a foundation for the continued development of  healthy and creative children.  Through the collaborative efforts of PLACE and the Moscow Ballet, children learn about healthy living through proper diet and exercise. The creative and aesthetic appreciation of  live performances, such as the acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker Ballet, awaken a sense of their own creative abilities.  As the children interact with the Russian artists, they gain an understanding and appreciation for other cultures and develop a larger world view.

The dancers are working with the PLACE programs from June 18 – July 27, 2012 at each summer PLACE location.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In a Year of Massive Change, Pasco Schools Exceed Expectations

The District School Board of Pasco County is pleased to share that the majority of its graded schools earned an outstanding grade of A or B, and no school in Pasco County earned an F this year.  Out of the data released from the state today (elementary and middle schools only), Pasco received 22 As, 17 Bs, 21 Cs, 6 Ds and 0 Fs this year.  Of special note, 27 schools maintained a grade of A or improved by at least one full letter grade.  This accomplishment is particularly impressive considering the fact that the state increased the rigor of the assessment last year and increased the minimum score required to achieve proficiency this year.

The District is especially proud of Gulf Highlands Elementary School for improving two full letter grades (from an F to a C).  Additionally, we are delighted to report that the following 21 schools maintained their A grade:

Trinity Elementary, Denham Oaks Elementary, Oakstead Elementary, Trinity Oaks Elementary, Veterans Elementary, Odessa Elementary, Mittye P. Locke Elementary, Pineview Elementary, Lake Myrtle Elementary, Sand Pine Elementary, Wesley Chapel Elementary, Longleaf Elementary, Seven Oaks Elementary, Dayspring Elementary, Academy at the Farm, Countryside Montessori Academy, Imagine Elementary, John Long Middle, Seven Springs Middle, Pineview Middle and Charles Rushe Middle

The state also released the total number of points for each high school based upon their FCAT and End of Course exam data.  In Pasco, 10 out of 13 high schools increased their total number of points on this component this year.  Final high school grades will be released later this winter when the other components of their grading formula (such as graduation rates) become available.   

During this period of transition in the state assessment system, we are extremely proud of the hard work that our teachers, staff, students and administrators have put forth in order to secure these grades.   Our students and staff continue to excel in the face of significant financial adversity and ever changing expectations.   This is a testament to their fortitude and unwavering commitment to excellence,” stated Heather Fiorentino.  “We will use all of the data released this year as a baseline for future years, and will provide the necessary support to help all of our students and schools succeed,” she added.

Please download the preliminary grade report.

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