In Pasco County, we want our students to be the fuel of the economic engine driving our local economy. The Career Academy Initiative offers rigorous and relevant career education by providing a vital link between education and industry. It is an effort to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and for success in the global marketplace.



Research shows that academies have a positive effect on:

✓ Attendance

✓ Credits & GPA

✓ Graduation Rates

✓ College-Entry Rates

Students receive:

✓ Hands-on projects that teach job-related skills

✓ Honors and Advanced Placement instruction

✓ Access to dual-enrollment classes and post-secondary articulation

✓ Eligibility for all three Bright Futures scholarships

✓ Work-based learning opportunities such as internships

✓ National-recognized industry/training certifications

✓ An edge in college or career



Through a strong partnership with industry, we can build a solid foundation for student success, while developing a highly-skilled and motivated workforce. For more information about Certified Career Academies, please download our brochure!